I’m a writer with a camera.


t all began as a joke. One day I started answering my phone with, “Go for Logan”, and it stuck.

My name is Logan Wenger and my purpose is nothing to laugh at though. I have been serving others my entire adult life. I worked as an early childhood educator for 13 years. I created several free and paid WordPress courses. I have built, managed, and hosted WordPress websites and blogs for individuals, business, and events. I have photographed individuals, families, and weddings. I wrote a lot of marketing and copywriting materials. I have created a lot of videos.

My passion is writing and photography. This is where everything I have done is my life has led me.

I am currently involved with photography in my free time too. Many of my images revolve around landscapes because that is my getaway, my place to have some alone time. I currently serve businesses with imagery of products, owner and management headshots, employees at work, and employee imagery. I currently fully manage several social media accounts for businesses.

My writing journey began while living abroad. I started writing about my experiences living abroad which eventually led to writing a book which I am releasing chapter by chapter. I learned about copywriting because I made several video courses and I wanted to sell those courses which I accomplished. I also spent some time at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University. I am fully invested in writing and I enjoy the process.

I currently work as an individual on a freelance basis. My website is geared for future expansion of serving businesses. My goal is to take my past experiences helping people and applying the skillsets I have acquired over the years to offer services as a full-time freelancer.

I function best with multiple outlets of creative expression and this is a benefit to my clients. One week I might work with you to create a month of social media images and content for your business and next week I might create email content educating your customers about your products and services.

I look forward to helping you and your business today and in the future. Click the yellow button below and send me a message.

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