This winter I decided that I was going to begin growing indoors and transplant outdoors after the final frost. In Zone 5 the last frost generally occurs in April. My indoor space is limited but I still managed to put out 20 containers in the house. I have a selection of flowers and vegetables that I am testing in different rooms of the house with different levels of heat and natural light.


The Dianthus Ipswich Pinks were chosen for their unique design and multiple colors. This perennial is container-friendly with a growth of 12 inches. I sowed two containers on February 13th, and they germinated on February 18th. They will bloom in approximately 70-75 days and prefer full sun or part shade.

Baby’s Breath

Baby’s Breath Snowflake is a popular filler flower in a bouquet of cut flowers. These will be a nice addition to the other flowers I have planted by adding a contrasting color. I sowed three containers on February 13th, and two germinated on February 17th and the other germinated on February 18th. Baby’s Breath mature height is 30-36″ and will bloom in the summer.

Cupid’s Dart

I chose Cupid’s Dart solely based on the light purple flower it produces. Cupid’s Dart grows nice in a container or as a dried flower as they turn silver as fall approaches. I sowed two containers on February 13th and they germinated on February 19th. This perennial will shoot to 18-24″ and will bloom summer to fall. Cupid’s Dart is a sun-loving plant.


I chose the Purple Prince Zinnia for many reasons. There are many varieties of Zinnia, but I particularly like the color, shape of the flower, and the design of the petals. Also, the Purple Prince grows to a mature height of 36″ and the long stems work excellent as a cut flower. I sowed six containers on February 13th, and they all germinated on February 18th except one which germinated a day later.

The Zinnia’s are my best growing plant in my home. They are placed on a table in front of a south-east facing window that receives direct sun for a solid six hours a day. After 17 days of growth, the flower is already three inches tall. One container isn’t doing so well at the moment and I do not expect that batch to make it.


The Pansy is a happy little flower and I just couldn’t resist their little smiling faces. I generally prefer one solid color when I buy seeds, but I will make an exception for the Pansy with the rainbow variety pack I purchased. I sowed three containers on February 13th, and they germinated on February 22nd. I have one container placed on a window sill and the other two are on a table with indirect sunlight.

The window sill container is performing the best as this is a sun-loving plant. I plan to use the Pansy as a border along my sidewalk. The Pansy works well as a border flower due to its short stature of 6-8″ at mature height. I also plan on filling a few hanging baskets too.


I chose the Vera Lavender as a filler flower for cut flowers as another contrasting color to Baby’s Breath. The mature height is 18-24″ after 100-110 days of growth. I sowed two containers on February 13th and they germinated 10 days later on February 23rd. I don’t think they are going to make it indoors and if that’s the case I have extra seeds that I will sow directly in the ground. As you know Lavender is very versatile and also works well as a dried flower for decorating.


This is the only Daisy species I like – Pyrethrum, also known as Painted Daisy. The flower has multiple colors and grows 18-24″ tall. The long, slender stem makes it an excellent cut flower. Another plus is that after the first flowering, they may be cut back for a second showing of blossoms. I sowed two containers on February 13th and I am still waiting for the plant to germinate. It typically takes between 10-14 days with full sun. I have deprived the plant until just a day ago. I believe the new placement will make for a successful plant.