Welcome to Go For Logan!

It’s my saying, my catchphrase. Why do I say it? I don’t know. I answered my phone by saying, “Go for Logan!” once instead of a boring, mundane, “Hello?”

It’s better to let the caller know they reached the correct person from the get-go rather than the cycle of the caller asking for the person they are trying to reach while speaking to said person. You’ve reached the correct person. It’s a cell phone!

Now that I got that out of my system, let’s move onto why you’re really here. Who is Logan Wenger?

You may know me from websites such as:


These websites serve a specific purpose. Landscape photography/travel, portrait photography, and life abroad, respectively.

GoForLogan.com is the work I do full-time, but also enjoy sharing my knowledge based on what I learn in my little garden at home.

All About the Plant Life

I’m an Ohio Certified Nursery Technician (OCNT) with a specialization in Landscape. A definition from the ONLA’s website regarding a landscape specialization:

“The public, architects and contractors rely on landscape contractors and installers for dependable landscape construction techniques and horticultural expertise. To provide sound, scientific horticultural advice and proper installation, the landscape installer must be knowledgeable in a wide variety of areas including plant identification, plant usage, plant health, soils, turfgrass management, use of pesticides, construction techniques, design, sales, and more.”

In short, I think plants are cool. Flowers are cool too. I’ve been working in the green industry for years. During my time working in the landscape industry, I’ve come to enjoy growing flowers and vegetables for personal use and consumption. I recently began growing flowers indoors during the winter months. It’s nice to have beautiful flowers around the house when the weather turns cold. I will talk about flowers for specific purposes, indoor growing, outdoor growing, and cut flowers for vases and centerpieces. I’m looking forward to sharing all about plants with you!